Books (by no means exhaustive, just a starting point for common issues)

Cline & Fay. Parenting with Love and Logic
Cohen, Cathi. Raising Your Child's Social IQ
Greene, Ross. The Explosive Child
Hallowell & Ratey. Driven to Distraction
Heininger & Weiss. From Chaos to Calm
Ingersoll, Barbara. Daredevils and Daydreamers
Koplewicz, H. It's Nobody's Fault
Levine, Mel. Educational Care
Manassis, Katarina. Keys to Parenting Your Anxious Child
Nadeau & Quinn. Understanding Girls with Attention Deficit Disorder


Attention Deficit

Learning Disabilities (Learning Disabilities Association of America) (National Resource Center for Learning Disabilities) (Council for Learning Disabilities) (International Dyslexia Association) (reading for the blind & dyslexic)


Depression/Mood (bipolar disorder)

Autism Spectrum Disorders

Information for children/teens concerning healthy adjustment (anger management)


Learning Resources




Local (No.VA/DC resources) Northern VA chapter of CHADD (info & referrals specific to DC area) (Fairfax County Parent Resource Center) (Arlington County Schools Parent Resource Center)