Hello! I'm Dr. Sarah Hover.
Thank you for your interest and I welcome the opportunity to work with you. I hope this website will answer your questions. If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact me.

Personal/Professional Background:
For thirty-plus years I have worked with children and adults in counseling centers, mental health clinics, and schools. I have worked in my current private practice setting for twenty years, licensed by the Virginia Board of Psychology as a clinical psychologist.

My undergraduate degree is from Oberlin College, where I majored in psychology and music. My graduate degrees are from Temple University (Masters in Counseling Psychology) and University of Pennsylvania (Doctorate in School Psychology). I also completed a two-year certificate program in Family Therapy at the Philadelphia Child Guidance Clinic.

I enjoy classical music, having studied the piano and cello since elementary school. I continue to free-lance in local orchestras and chamber groups. I also enjoy yoga, running, gardening, and cooking. I have two sons who are now in their twenties.

A warm informative approach to testing
Testing cases are often initiated by parents or school personnel, and students often come to me filled with apprehension and discouragement. I work hard to establish a rapport with students, framing myself as a “learning detective” who will advocate for them after I determine how they best learn. I strive to help students build confidence and realistic self-knowledge by helping them to better understand their strengths and needs.

Multi-Modal Counseling:
After an initial assessment, I base my approach on the individual’s preferred communication mode and treatment goals. In addition to traditional “talk therapy,” sessions may involve artwork, play therapy and games, role plays and exercises, mindfulness or relaxation exercises, or music. I often make use of cognitive behavior therapy techniques with homework assignments between sessions.

Although people often come in with one or two core issues, I take a holistic approach to integrate all major life areas: work/academic, interpersonal, health, and spiritual. I view psychotherapy as an art as well as a science. I base treatment on sound research and evaluation practices; however, I place primary emphasis on maintaining a warm, trusting relationship focused on achieving treatment goals.

See information on Adolescent and Adult Therapy.

Office Organization
I share an office with several other psychologists; however, I am self-employed. The group shares office space, materials, and case consultation; however, client names and records are kept separate and confidential.

The office is located on the third floor at 10340 Democracy Lane Suite 104 in Fairfax, VA. Please escort your child to this office. I will work with your child individually and privately.

There is a waiting room for your convenience. If your child is comfortable with your absence, you may run errands or return home during the time your child and I work together. For safety reasons, please return to the waiting room to pick up your child. Please do not ask your child or teenager to meet you in the lobby or parking lot.

Confidential voice mail will take your message of any length. I will return your call as soon as possible. During weekdays, my telephone time is often limited so you may wish to contact me by e-mail. If you or your child is in crisis, telephone the emergency service at your local mental health center or hospital.

The staff operate the 24-hour emergency service. Please be sure to leave a message on my voicemail so that I can reach you as soon as possible. Other emergency contact instructions are available on my voice mail message.

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